I wish & I know that someday Ill be happy again...

March 6, 2008
By Minelya De Leon, Houston, TX

I wish & I know that someday Ill be happy again...

I wish I could find that person that can make me smile like I used to..

I wish I could be happy again & those good memories can be reborn some how...

I wish I could be able to Hope , Love , Dream with one day I can be happy again...

But I mostly wish that when I find that some one he will treat me with respect,trust,but most of all Love in return.

I am not afraid for what may lay ahead for I have nothing to loose ..

For I am alone & broken hearted .. With no Thoughts .. With No hopes .. With No Dreams to relay on.

I hope that he will be willing to pick up the millions of pieces & put them together just for me . . So I can be Complete again....

I hope he is a gentleman & will treat me right & not for Granted as others Have in the past..

Still ... I have found a way to go on living or at least trying to survive in this world.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm loosing myself & maybe I am getting too cought up in things that are not as Important.

Is this the end of where this story began?..

am I just a picture in the corner of your Imagination?

This cutting edges & pouring rain from the sky that is just too blue..

Time has paused for me to tell you how much I loved you..

Your responce was dead & silent

Just the same ... My heart felt heavy in dissapointment.

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