Travelin' Angel

March 2, 2008
By Kiana Davis, Norco, CA

It was Sunday and a quiet, cold November evening. The vibration of a ringing cell phone in my pocket was a sign of other human existence to me. I took it out and read 'Jamie' on the front screen. Happy to see that one of my two best friends was calling, I answered the phone. My happy emotion quicky changed to shock. A small, shaky voice jumped out from the other line "Sami is dead, Kiana. She's gone and she's never coming back." We've all joked about each other dying from freak accidents like choking on a noodle or getting a paper cut and bleeding to death but I could tell by Jamie's voice that this wasn't a joke. I began to shake and tears rushed from my eyes. I didn't hear exactly what Jamie said after those words but I think she was trying to explain how Samantha died. A lump as big as a tennis ball formed in my throat as I forced out the words "No! She can't be gone!"
Well it turned out that I was wrong, she could have been gone and she was. After about 6 hours straight of crying I decided it would be good to go to the Bestwick residence and give my condolences. In between all the crying and hugging I finally found out how she died. On Saturday November 17 at the Glamis sand dunes she was crossing a double railroad track on an ATV when a train going south hit the ATV after a northbound train had passed. Sami died instantly on impact.

It's been three months since 15 year old Samantha Bestwick died and I still haven't gotten used to her being gone. I still call and text her cell phone. I still wait for her at our usual spot in the morning before school. I still talk about like she is still here. But maybe that's because she still is here to me. I hear her voice at night singing her favorite song, Travelin' Soldier by Dixie Chicks. At night, I gossip to her about thing like how ugly Kayla's shirt was or how Josh has another new girlfriend. She's gone off of this earth but she's still in my mind, heart, and soul. Samantha's up in heaven and I know that she's the prettiest angel up there.

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