My Dream

February 26, 2008
I was in a place so unexplainable, so relaxing but so cold. I am here because I'm am in a figure of imagination that I have made in an earlier thought.
I was surrounded by leaves with a blank blue sky when I arose I saw a lake next to me, unawhere where I was I started walking. It was so cold out side my flesh was making goose bumps. Just then my dog came running up to me barking so violently I almost jumped into the lake next to me. I thought to my self what is she barking at? And said after done thinking it, out loud to her. She just kept on barking. I aimed for her trying to pick her up, but she just ran away growling into a dark alley. I didn't think of fallowing her because i had so much more to think about like WHERE I WAS?!? I looked around so confused. Someone walked by me giving me this weird look like I was a living worm like,I was disgusting. Then she asked “are you ok?” I replied “no......I don't know I am.....” She said “Why your in your imagination.” I said wha.....WHAT... I don't understand EXPLAIN!!! Then she took me under her arm, not like kidnapping me but gently put her coat on me and guided me to her log cabin. She gave me a hot cup of coco, as hot as the sun on its highest degree, as I sipped trying not to burn my lips which was basically impossible,all I could think was should I have come here with a stranger even though it was so cold outside? I couldn't think about what my mom would say about me going home with someone I didn't know. The chair that I sat in was made of only the finest wood as fine as if you were skipping on clouds mad of satin, and the hot coco cooled down just enough for me to enjoy its rich creamy taste. All the sudden I was alarmed by this quick sharp BEEB BEEB BEEB. I awoke lying in my own bed with my own cozy covers. I laughed to myself and said “It was all a dream.”

Everybody has those weird dreams once in awhile, but remember only you can control it.

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