Reasons Why Soccer is Great

February 21, 2008
Soccer is a great game to make friends. I know this because I have been playing the game of soccer since I was five years old. The reason I started to play was my dad signed me up. When I first began to play soccer I didn’t want to play at all. I wanted to be with my friends. But after I played for a year or two some friends of mine from school started to play on my team. After that I never really stopped playing soccer. For five years I stayed on the same team with my friends. Now three years after I left my team and friends. I still play soccer because every time I join a new team I am sure to make good new friends.

Soccer is a great game for all ages. Soccer is great because no matter your age- young child, teenager, or adult-it can help you stay healthy and make friends. Also it is a great way to have fun. If you play enough you can make a job out of soccer. If you make a job out of soccer you can make a living out of it as well.

Soccer has helped me make close friends. I am not the only person soccer has helped make friends. A friend of mine named Mike said, “Soccer has helped me make friends because I have learned to work with so many people's styles. I have also built up my confidence when it comes to playing with older kids, and that has helped people want to get to know me. Soccer is fun and exciting. So if someone else is playing with me, they probably are my friend.” Also the Edgar Soccer Club said “Social benefits such as having to work as a team, contributing through individual effort to a shared goal, striving to be the best and supporting and helping others are all by-products of playing soccer.” The Edgar Soccer Club is a local organization in Denver Colorado

About 15% of all American children are obese. A way children become obese is not moving around enough. “Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for developing coronary artery disease,” said the American Heart Association. If a human does not move enough they have a chance to contact coronary artery disease, which can kill. But soccer and other sports can help prevent this because they keep the body moving.

Soccer can be played by all ages including 5-7 year olds. Because these kids are playing at a young age they have a chance to become very good and possibly make a career out of soccer. You don’t have to be a young child to learn soccer. One example is Albert Roger Milla. He was 42 when he played in the 1994 world cup. At age 35 many professional players have already retired from soccer. So 42 is considered an old age for a soccer player

As I have said before soccer is a great game for all ages. It is great because no matter your age young child, teenager, or adult it can help you stay healthy and make friends. Also it is a great way to have fun.

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