Last Week

February 21, 2008
Last week I read an article in Teen Ink about a boy named Eugene; Eugene and I have something in common, we both have a significant other who has affected our life for the better in one way or another. My significant others name is David. He and I are very similar yet very different. Unlike David, I have no idea where I am going with my life. He however, knows exactly where he's going, what he's doing and how he is going to do it. He and I come from two very different worlds. He grew up in a loving two parent home with four younger siblings. His whole life has been documented picture by picture. I grew up with my sister and our father, moving quite frequently. I have no childhood pictures, and haven't the slightest Idea what I looked like as a baby. Although David is almost a year older then me and legally an adult, I am far more mature then his is in many aspects. Because of the circumstances in which I grew up, I know a lot about the world. I can survive under almost any condition. David however has led a very sheltered life the past 18 years. This does not make either one of us better or smarter then the other, it simply means we can learn a lot from each other. It also makes our relationship very interesting. Everyday we learn something new, whether it is about each other or the world. David teaches me trivial things like why the sun sets early in the winter and late in the summer. I teach him common sense. For example: why it is not a good idea to “car surf,” although it looks fun, it is likely to be painful.

Of all the things he has taught me though, I think love is the most important. I know that it will be with me forever, and will always be useful. David is kind and caring, and never complains. He has a good heart and would never intentionally hurt anyone. He doesn't yell and never argues with anyone. I however, love to fight. Yelling has become a past time for me. Not to mention I complain a lot. As bad as it sounds, he puts up with me for some reason. When I'm mad he is always there to calm me down. When I'm sad he's always there to cheer me up. When I'm having a bad day it never fails, he is there to listen. All of these things are his way of showing me how much he loves me and what he's willing to do to show it. He may seem perfect, but that is not the case. David has his flaws too. That is why I love him. Our relationship is far from perfect, but everyday our love grows stronger. I firmly believe that two people who are so different can come together and make a relationship work. David has changed my life completely, not only has he taught me how to be a better person, he has shown me love.

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