Life is Like a Lightning Storm in the Dark

February 20, 2008
Life is like a lightning storm in the dark, those few moments in our lives define who we are and who we aspire to be. This is the same way that lightning shows objects in the darkest landscapes. These defining moments end up changing us for the better (or worse), which in turn shape our lives. As an individual I have learned that the most influential aspects of shaping who you become are the people you associate with and the relationships you share with them. It’s funny because the people you hang out with may just happen to rub off on you.

Of the most influential relationships you can have with a person, love is the strongest. People that you find to be “love interests” shape how you feel about others and how you react to everyday happenings. Personally I have been through two loving relationships outside of my love for my family. The first was terrible and destructive, the girl I was with made me an emotional wreck. Not to mention the girl made me lie and sneak behind my parents backs which caused them to distrust me.

By going through this traumatizing time in my life I have learned that all people need to be helped. She was confused about what love truly was and took full advantage of me because if I didn’t love her back she would hurt herself. I finally broke it off between us and am extremely happy that I did because I have now found true love (but more on that in a second). By going through this relationship I have learned to aid people as much as I possibly can because I have a real knack for it. In all actuality this relationship helped me to realize what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I wish to be a lawyer.

The second love based relationship that I have encountered has made me one of the happiest people the world has ever known. I am one hundred percent sure that I have found true love and I don’t intend on ever letting it go. This amazing young woman has helped shape me into the happy and sophisticated person that I have become today. We understand each other like no other and know exactly how to bring out the best in one another. She was there for me when I was in my first relationship, and helped me get through it practically unharmed. She has even pushed me to think and to excel academically like no other. I truly owe my future to this girl, for she has been my light during the storm.

Now another relationship that has shaped people’s lives since the dawn of man has been the one with their families'. My family is small which has taught me to keep to myself, and to take on new things one small step at a time. My family is also one of forgotten promises (my mother had me then got married twice since then). I have learned from my families’ mistakes that to love, you must know that you won’t ever grow tired, you won’t feel miserable with, and that you won’t ever give up on that person. If you do not agree with any one of these things then you should not be together because it could hurt the others around you. As a person I am the outcome of the promises lost in a heavy rain shower.

Of course the last, but definitely not least of life shaping relationships are the ones with your peers. They suggest new things to you which you must use your better judgement to decide upon. The people you hang out with also shape how you act socially. When staying in a closely knit group of friends you become socially awkward and have a hard time meeting new people.

So tell me are you a raging lightning storm or a tropical breeze? The people you have relationships with will decide.

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