You Hear the Spray of the Can...

February 18, 2008
you hear the spray of the can, its the sweetest
sound, no fear, no worry, just focus on your work,
nothing can distract you now, you switch nozzles,
a ny outline then a german outline, nothing could
stop you now, u kept going, then a ny fat cap, then
u switched colors, u were filling the tag in, you hear
something to your left, turned real quick, nothing
there, your heart beating faster than ever,
the only things you can hear is your breath, your can
an your heart. you catch a glimpse of headlights in
your right eye, you quickly move behind some trash cans,
your not finished yet, you never leave work unfinished, no matter
the cause. you make sure the coast is clear, it is, u run back to
your wall, as your running you hear the clinking of the nut-bolts
in the spray cans, you try not to be to loud, just finish your work
is the only thing your thinking at this point, your about done,
all you need now is the shadow and the highlight, your finally finished,
you take a deep breath now that theres nothing to worry about, but then
you hear sirenes, you look to your left an theres a cop comeing your way,
you grab all your cans an run, you avoid the lights to throw the cop
off guard, hoped a fence, ran through puddles, cut through alleys, hes
still on your tail, your thinking "how do i shake him ?" momentom building
up in your arms. you give one more burst of energey and run as fast as
you ever could, you slowly start to see the flashing lights start to dim
down, then you start slowing down, your thinking "this is gonna be one
hell of a story." you take the bandana off your face as you make sure
there are no cameras around to spot you. you start on your way home
ready for tomorrow night.

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