They Took On The World

February 17, 2008
By Dalia Puentes, Pomona, CA

It is just an unexplainable feeling. It is one of those feelings where you feel you can fly. The one that makes you feel so strong that you feel, no, that you know you can take on the world. They did it. They took on the world, and they were fearless because they had each other. It is a great feeling to have. A feeling of security. Knowing that no matter how bad a situation is, or no matter how bad you mess up, you still have a great person behind you backing you up one hundred and ten percent of the way. Not many have that luxury. Most don't ever get to experience it. That's what they had. Only they could give each other that feeling. As much as both of them TRY to find it in some one else, it is impossible because never will they accomplish it.

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