You Sound So Far Away

February 16, 2008
By Cherub Chatfield, Floyd, VA

You sound so far away, like in those 50's movies where everyone speaks their line with no emotion and like it’s written down and they are only reading. You sound like you couldn’t care less about me. You’re only a few miles from my house but it may as well be half way across the world, I could at least blame the distance in your voice on a bad connection. Blame it on something besides your complete loss of love for me. I want to reach my hand into the phone and touch your cheek, make sure it’s really you. It wasn’t so long ago that we were each other’s muses. We were best friends forever. You said you would love me always, well whatever happened to that? You held me close and whispered secrets into my ear. It wasn’t so long ago that you were leaving kisses on my skin like petals fallen from your lips. Light and sweet smelling. Oh and it wasn’t so long ago that you told me I kept you sane. But now I’m never there, does that mean you are insane without me? Or is it you replaced me with some one new? Give me answers. I have to many questions going unanswered.
Do the memories not burn into you at night when you are alone and sleep is no where near? Do you never fail in pretending our love was hardly anything at all? I have so much to say to you as I stand in my room, surrounded by rock star posters and gifts from my friends the words that always seem to be like a flowing river from my mind out my mouth is now dry. The words have deserted me and I am so hopeless. The phone feels suddenly cold and hard against my ear, even hearing you breath on the other end is no comfort. And then all the tears and anger I have choked down are threatening to show themselves like demons. So my love, as the earth shakes in my wake of sorrow and the sky catches fire, as my desires are shot down in mid flight just like birds
All I have to say is please know that I love you. All in the injustice of this world cannot make me stop loving you. It seems to have a victory with you but in me there is nothing that will cease my love for you. In my heart forever I hold you close and say a prayer everyday you are happy and do not suffer what I suffer. So leave me be my love. Leave me be.

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