The End

February 15, 2008
By Amanpreet Kaur, Germantown, MD

Me? I was an ordinary child in 4th grade. Not all that popular and not friendless. I was a part of the crowd. I couldn’t be called pretty or ugly. From a 1-10 scale, I was a 7. I had my own little group of friends, got good grades and was liked by the teachers and other kids in the 4th grade. That was me in 4th grade. And, I was happy with it.

Her? She was a non-ordinary child. She was really popular and had tons of friends. From a scale of 1-10, she was a 10, maybe beyond. She even knew 5th graders and hung out with them! She got really good grades. Plus, she was adored by the teachers and EVERYONE in the 4th grade. That was her in 4th grade and she was happy with it.

We couldn’t be more different but we were true best friends! We hung out together, told each other our deepest secrets, saved each other seats, laughed at stupid jokes. Everything girls did normally. But, we shared a lot more than that. We shared our trust, our friendship, our memories.

This continued in 5th grade, at least a most of it. But…it all changed in middle school, 6th grade.

We no longer talked that much. We almost always had lunch together and I had one class with her. But…she was always mad at me for some reason. I never found out why. Sometimes she was the same, but only sometimes. I cried because she was slowly drifting away. She had gotten new friends that she hadn’t even known, until I introduced them to her. Then, she came and took them away. It was like she was trying to pay me back for something I hadn’t even done. What had I done? Why didn’t she just tell me? Besides the fact that I had grown popular last year because of her and had been getting great grades didn’t seem that big to me. She always told me to put that stuff aside, but maybe that really was what was bothering her. I wanted to know what had caused our friendship to start growing apart.
I was worried that I might totally lose her.

My other friends told me she wasn’t worth it. I just said, “But, she’s my friend too!’’

I started to realize that a little too late. I called her but she always said, “I’m busy,” and would always hang up. I wrote her notes but she wrote back,

Please stop bothering me. Leave me alone. Can you ever give me personal space? I have other things that I am busy with ,so stop sending me stupid notes. You already know I do not have time to read them.

That’s what she always said when I tried talking to her too. So, I just gave up on ever trying to get our friendship back. I would cry because I missed her. Then, I started ignoring her.

I don’t know what brought the change, but something did. I guess because I started to ignore her, she realized there was something of her life missing and it was me. She began to become nicer and talked to me more. But deep down, we knew it was time for a fresh new start. And this was the perfect time, perfect place to start, MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Now, I have a new BFF and we’ve gotten really close, but not as close and now whenever I look at her, I see memories of the past.

All the things we shared…
1) The Fun
2) The Friendship
3) The trust
4) The Fights
5) The laughs
6) The tears
7) The craziness
8) The bad hair days
9) The notes
10) The us…
11) …I could go on forever but it would waste a lot of time and paper and trees.

But my biggest memory is the end. As soon as I remember that, the tears start to make their way back to my already damp eyes. But, I know that memories are memories. They are the past, and they NEVER, EVER come back. Not even her. Especially her.

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