February 15, 2008
By Shanelle Liguton, Milpitas, CA

To me, Yosemite is not only a camping sight, its paradise. It’s my home away from home. Not only does it give me the option of camping, but it also includes several fun activities. I not only love the fact that Yosemite presents an opportunity for me to enjoy the fresh outdoors, but it also does not deprive me of civilization completely. Yosemite really is worth the four hour drive, because it presents so many opportunities for a fun adventure!

Yosemite lets me escape life in the stressful city. Yosemite lets me escape the busy city in several ways. One was is by allowing me to touch the green grass, smell the fresh air, and swim in crystal clear water. Yosemite gives me the sense of freedom. I feel like there is no other place on the surface of this Earth where it can provide the same activities and feeling that Yosemite does. Yosemite also provides different activities that always keep me busy.

One activity that my family and I have done was horse back riding. Because of Yosemite’s great outdoor landscape, the trip was very beautiful. Both my family and I saw a range of natural beauty. Another activity was hiking. Like the horse back riding, hiking allows people to see all of Yosemite’s natural beauty and it also allows you to get some exercise while having a great time experiencing the views and wild life. A third activity that Yosemite allows visitors to experience is river rafting.

Yosemite has the best of both worlds. Yosemite lets everyone enjoy the experience of camping, but it also some what deprives all the luxury that we are accustomed to at home. One thing that everyone is deprived of is major electricity. Well, there is electricity such as lights, for stoves, etc. but there are no refrigerators and things of that such manor. If you do not think you are prepared for that kind of experience, then you can always just stay in one of the hotels that Yosemite offers.

Yosemite not only has great activities, landscapes, etc. but it also has great history. Mariposa Battalion was the first “white” men to enter Yosemite. Before the Mariposa Battalion Miwok Indians came to Yosemite about 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. Another historical fact is that the u shaped valley was formed because of the ice age. Not only do I love Yosemite’s activities, history, etc. but I also love the fact that I truly do feel free there, that is why I think the four hour drive is worth it.

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