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January 18, 2011
By august miller SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
august miller SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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In seventeen magazine, OXY clinical printed an ad to promote their new acne fighting cleaner. The OXY package includes clearing treatment, advanced face wash, and hydrating therapy in a three step process. These products all together cost around 42 dollars. This promotion is targeted at white young teenage girls. I know this because the ad is printed in a seventeen magazine and that is their target audience. In the top left corner of the ad the word foxy is seen. The f in foxy is a wavy cursive f and the oxy part is in bold red lettering. In the middle of the ad, a teenage girl is lying upside down with her mouth open and her eyes looking at the camera and she also has black headphones. Her body is laid across a couch with her legs draped over the back rest and her back on the cushion. Then in the bottom left side of the ad it says “Get there fast with new OXY Clinical”. This is saying the more you use their product the cleaner your skin is going to be.
This ad uses sexist name calling. Calling a woman a fox is degrading to women. This type of name calling puts woman on the same level as wild animals. When we call a woman a chick, a fox, or cougar, it may not seem like it is hurting the female appearance, but it is. I know this because I live with three girls and all of them are strong women and they hate being called animal names. It makes them feel put down and angry.
This ad also uses scientific evidence to try and get the people to buy the product. It states that it will eliminate 99% of all the acne bacteria. This is a high percentage of the bacteria killed and the ad never tells you how much of each step you need to put on or how long you need each step to stay on. If they did tell me what to do with the materials how can OXY be 100% sure that it will get fid of 99% of the bacteria every time. Is OXY going to test the user’s skin every time he/she uses the product? The steps to the products are very unclear and it needs to be clearer before they put in it an ad
This ad promotes a person reaching perfection. This is a bad thing because perfection will never be achievable. This ad is saying having smooth skin is what is acceptable in society. But you can have bad skin and still be a good person. When the ad says “get there fast” they are saying the buyer needs to have great skin fast. This ad also promotes female degradation because the ad calls females foxes and put then one the level of a wild animal.
Information left out in the ad includes how the product works and how to use the product. Like what is in the product that somebody might be allergic to or if you leave the product to long on your skin will it actually hurt your skin. Also left out is how much product you should use in each step. Would putting too much product on hurt your skin or not putting enough on will it not be effective enough to help your problem.
The ad could be more truthful by just explaining the product more. Like it stated in the last paragraph just better explanation of the product would he the people feel better about buying the product. It seems like the product would work but more information would make the confirmation that this product would work.
This ad has many question left unanswered and the approach that was taken to advertise the product really cut at woman and how they appear to the world. If I were to put this add out again I would suggest making the statement more clear and using a different was to make your product look good rather than making a woman look like an animal.

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