the average kid

January 18, 2011
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I’m an average kid, with average grades, average dress, average looks, average athletic ability, average friends, and everything about my name is average. I play on the football team where I’m an average player. I also run track and get average times. I play baseball and on the team I’m an average ball player. As a young boy I acted how a usual toddler would behave. I would get time outs. I would play in the mud. I would play with Legos. I grew up in a normal family with a mom and a dad and two sisters

My room is decorated like a normal boys room would be like: football posters all over the walls, a desk in the corner, and a bed with plain blue sheets. My friends do the normal things you expecdt teenage boys to do. Play video games. Talk about hot girls. Have a bonfire. And create mischief.

All these average things add up to something you wouldn’t expect. I can help my friends with homework. I can help a person carry something that is heavy. I can show somebody how to work the computer of the television. I can be a friend who could help you with your problems. Being average isn’t a bad thing. I see being average as being a wide range of possibilities. With a variety of skills

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