Write One Leaf About Roses

January 18, 2011
By MsSarcasmo GOLD, Milo, Maine
MsSarcasmo GOLD, Milo, Maine
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If you were to ask me if I wanted roses, I’d probably snort. Snort for all the pathetic women who wait for lifetimes to receive them at doorsteps from guys with too much musk on. Take a line from ‘ol Outkast, “Roses really smell like poo”; no matter the face value, the underlying one signifies cheesey, whipped, or apologetic men. Roses accompanied by something else can mean entirely different things. Roses and chocolate = be mine?, or maybe “I’m sorry you’re in a bad mood and you probably think it’s my fault so here’s something to show I’m trying.” Roses and teddy bear = I’m sorry?, or “I really wish we could be together all the time so I’m giving you this teddy bear to cuddle with so you’ll think of me before bed time.” Roses and movie tickets = I’d really like to take you out?, or “I’m really afraid to make a move with lights on so I’m going to wait until you can’t see how goofy my expression really is, to hold your hand.” To tell you the truth? Roses can be good for some people, but make sure when you get them they’re either red, pink, white, or yellow. Black roses? Run.

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