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January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

“No one is safe from the effects of violence.” This quote is pretty obvious but then can explain something that some people don’t see. Of course people who are experiencing the violence aren’t safe such as school violence, domestic violence and online violence. But people who watch it happen aren’t safe either. Don’t be a by stander. Even doing the violence you aren’t safe.The effects of violence can change someone life. They can go from being so happy and confident to having no self confidence and having thoughts of death. Now, violence is starting to become more of a problem and if someone is experiencing this then you should ask for help, go to your counselor, your parents, or your friends.

Violence is a thing that everyone goes through. It can be physical, mental or emotional. We suffer from violence and sometimes it can cause death. This would be physical. Many kids in school are bullied. People being bullied at school or out of school is both physical and mental. You can be bullies because of the stupidest things, like not acting, looking, or talking like everyone else. Physical would be hurting them, like going to beat them up or push them around. It can hurt them inside and out.

Emotional bullying can be just as powerful. This can go from calling them names, going on Facebook and saying things that aren’t true, making fun, or even taking pictures that are meant to be shared with people.Also, a lot of rumors start and lead to this. This can also cause death because this person who is being bullied is getting weak inside and doesn’t have much self confidence and sometimes they have thoughts that they shouldn’t even be alive so this sometimes leads to suicide.

You can even find violence where you would never think you would see it, at home. This includes kids and even adults. Some kids at home have abusive parents. This would mean that if the child did something wrong or something that the mom/dad didn’t want so they are mad. Sometimes they are so mad that it does lead to violence, for instance, hitting them. For adults you could see this anger or violence in your spouse. Everyone has those moments where your husband or wife can get difficult and uncooperative with you. But when it comes to times like that it can become very frustrating, and sometimes it leads to hurting them and even killing them.

The effects of violence keeps no one safe. The fact is, is that “1 out of 4 kids are bullied at school.” Says the American Justice Department. Also, “Statistics show that three million kids witnessed violence at home.” Says ACADV. “42% of kids have been cyber bullied” Says CNN. These are not good numbers.I think for the US those numbers are too high. The people who suffer from violence are watching their lives change right in from of them. The point is, is that if people who are the person getting bullied tell someone. People who are by standers, tell someone, and if someone is the one who is bullying the person then, think of them before yourself.

The author's comments:
Violence is a huge problem throughout the world.

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