Stepping on Daisies

January 17, 2011
Time to think. Time to express. Still. Never enough time in a day. Feigning joy, feeling pain; if only life came with a "How to do It" book. I can't express how I feel. I'm encased in stone. Until, a boy I met came with a pic ax and chipped away at the stone binding my heart, and like a daisy I grew. I enjoyed life, happiness was my life. He doesn't know it yet, but he made me real, he made me different. He's my best friend and nothing more. If only he knew, I am no longer the stoic girl I was before. I cry myself to sleep thinking of him. I smile at his shining face, hoping today will be that day. It never is. I wish it was, just so my life could be complete. Every day that passes, another daisy sprouts. Another burst of life, and it sustains me. I grow and so does he. I smile and he smiles at me. He is my sun and I am the seed. He is my life, if only he belonged to me. I see him day after day and still no change. But still, I don't dare give up hope, because I know the day will come when he'll ask, "Will you belong to me?"

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