Letter to My Younger Self

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Matt,

Hey there big guy congrats your sixteen and about too turn seventeen. Bet you never thought you would make it this far with all the stupid stunts you pull. Not only are you still kicking you are sending out applications to a bunch of big ten schools and even your dream school The University of Michigan. See dreams can come true. You have a nice car too and it’s even a stick shift! You don’t love cars now but pretty soon all you’ll be talking about is how you want a Mustang GT and talking about zero to sixty times and how American cars are way cooler than those Asian ricer pieces of crap. Don’t have a job yet but you are figuring out how to play the stock market pretty well. Life is good right now but its not all fun and games you know. So here is some advice for how to weather the storms that you will have to deal with in the future.

For starters don’t listen to your mom. About clothes that is. She does know everything don’t doubt her and when she grounds you for being a little punk in the end you will turn out to be quite a respectful kid. Unfortunately by making you wear those kakis and dress shirts to clothes you are going to hate playing at school all through middle school and people will think you’re funny for that. Jump out of your comfort zone trust me you aren’t as different as you think you are and don’t hangout with Ben he’s going to ditch you after 5th grade anyways so there’s no point in hanging out with him instead of Adam and Desmond.

Secondly in high school you’re going to want a girlfriend pretty badly. Trust me it’s not worth it. If you can hold out until junior year you will have matured enough to meet some truly amazing women not that chick you see freshman year. Grades are important and you need to stay on them. Quit settling for A-‘s and put in the effort to get the straight up A. It’ll look so much better on your résumé. Stick with cross country and put in the miles and the work will pay off just don’t put in so much effort that you get a stress fracture. That will make you feel like it’s not worth it and you’ll become lazy.

Some things will happen in middle school to your family that will turn your world upside down. Mom is going to get sick and not just a cold or something that will go away, she’s going to get so sick she has to stop working for a couple of years. Moneys going to be tight and both mom and dad know it. Be a good boy and don’t make them feel bad for what is happening, although I’m sure you already know. In the end she will never be the same but she will get better and that’s all you can ask for right?

Lastly don’t pick on your sister so much. She’s going to get old enough to where she can dish it right back and make your life miserable and trust me you don’t want that. If you follow this then chances are you are going to be at a university studying to become an engineer and a very happy individual.

The only one you can count on is yourself and you will ultimately choose how things work out. Keep it real and don’t mold yourself to others expectations.


Bigger Matt

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