December 15, 2007
"How big of a lie could it possibly be. One's own secret kept discreet. But what happens next when every thing comes unfold. When that lie is finally discovered and then told."

Concealed within me are my thoughts. Within those thoughts are my secrets kept locked up. Can hide the truth through lies, but not matter what it will never make things right.

Behind every smile and every glance, the whole time I was telling you to take a chance.

My thoughts pour like rain. I wonder if I reveal my secret, would things change? Right now my conscience picks apart my brain. I'm about to break and likely to go insane. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I know keeping it from you has already been a mistake.

With a single breath, I take the first step. I open my mouth, slowly letting my secret come out. I hoped for a quick response, but instead had received nothing, but silence. You stood there shocked. Probably wondering if you are hearing things or at least dreaming. For it seemed at that moment my secret had no meaning. Throughout the whole time, our eyes never did meet. I guess you didn't know how to look at me.

Taking a step back, I had refused to stand any longing in the awkwardness. Thats when you finally decided to speak and I could already hear the words you were about to say to me. So as you lifted your head, I looked down. Felt it would be better to just stare at the ground. It was as if I had been intimating a dog, who knew they did something wrong.

You said, "I don't know what to say." From the corner of my eye, I could see the disappointment drenched all over your face. As I watched you walk away. I stood there alone and ashamed.

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