Does that make me a failure?

December 15, 2007
It's weird, I feel as though I cannot accomplish my present or future goals. Does that make me a failure? A reject of life? Or does that make me a undiscovered somebody? Wouldn't you ask the same questions if this feeling applied to you? Show me my future in a crystal ball and I'm sure you'd see smoke. No crazy psychic can tell my future let alone me. You might be able to pass with honors but do I get the honor of passing? I want to go to a secluded island where I focus on me and only me. I wanna cry for once without having to hide that I'm crying. I want my voice to express my emotions when I sing. I want to go to a secluded island where I focus on me and only me. I want to wanted for me, not for how I look, or what I can or cannot do. I am an independent woman who has needs of her own. I look up to my hero's and want to be looked up to. I shine with the rest of the stars, I'm just seen from afar. People tell me I'm beautiful but I beg to differ. When it comes to gifts and presents its the thought that counts, but some people just don't get that memo. People say I remind them of my mom that's the biggest compliment you can give me. People say that their significant other is all they need to survive, but when that other is gone do they die? I don't see why people expect people to change for them when they won't change themselves. Don't call me on my birthday for the first time in 10 years and expect me to let you in my life just so you can clear you conscience. You weren't there when she left so don't act like you care now. I won't forgive the people who left me in my time of need, and I want to thank the people who opened my eyes so I could see that the whole world isn't black and white, but full of vibrant colors. What happened to those friends who said they'd stick around no matter what, but at the end you make one mistake and their gone? People act fake trying to fit in with everyone else when really their just trying to fit in with everybody else. My last question is why do people say I love you and then turn around and cheat?

These things here are true, now take time to think and ask yourself can you relate to me?
If so I pity us both. :(

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