Moving too Fast

January 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Being in middle school is hard. Sitting, listening, and having to be the perfect at everything. Having the perfect image, the perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect everything. We move too fast and don't take a step back. Only worrying about ourselves. Not realizing all the trouble everyone around us is. In the past year, I had many challenges. With boys, friends, family. No one realizes how hard it is to be a fourteen year old girl. Not unless they are one or really remember what it's like. Society makes girl want to be perfect. Skinny, pretty,and force everyone who's not to feel bad about themselves, when the truth is, no one is actually like that in real life. It's all an act. An act that goes on and on and gets changed each year. Different things are expected and forced. Harder work, more friends, staying loyal.
I went through a year of people who told me why do you like him? or judging me on my friends or the people that I like to be with. I just was too afraid to tell some people the truth. I was too afraid to tell him the truth. The entire time I was with him I was questioning our relationship. We never talked. Actually talked. Only fluffy blah stuff that didn't matter. He didn't matter. I didn't realize how wrong I was until I stopped, and took a ginormous step back and realized who he really is. What he wanted and how I really did make the wrong choice when I was presented with it. Which is what most people do without realizing it. And when we're wrong, what do we do? Do we keep going and forget or remember and regret the things we said. And then you realize you really aren't as perfect as you thought you were.
After making the right choice we realize how the wrong one thought us what to do and how to react. How not to be perfect. And being perfect is never what you want. Being you is just right even if everyone around you doesn't think so.
I love being with my family and friends. Loving life and laughing as much as possible. Being with the ones you love and live for. Moving too fast is bad, but good. Because once you slow down you realize the beauty and what you missed. What you wanted. All teens move too fast. Move too fast in relationships and move to fast into life. But we all end up alright anyways.
Last year I moved way too fast. I was not happy and was being pressured by perfect. But I realized you are most perfect when you're with the ones you care about.

The author's comments:
My experiences and what I think about living, moving forward,being perfect, and moving too fast.

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