Saving Energy

January 26, 2011
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When my mom seen our electric bill she freaked, because the price was so high, because we wasted a lot of energy. This is why I think that people should save more energy. Wasting energy is very bad for our environment. If we save more energy, then our electric bills wouldn’t be so high, and it would be better for our environment.
Some ways that people can save energy is turning off an electronic device when not in use. This way, we can save a lot of energy. Another way is unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use. Another way to save energy is to only use your T.V. for about two hours a day, or turn your T.V. When your not using it. This way, people can save more money, and people will also be helping the environment.
There is a lot more stuff to do then watch T.V. all day. And it doesn’t need to a T.V., it can be a computer. Since people waste their money and time on the computer, they are wasting tons of energy. If people save more energy, then our economy wouldn’t be so bad.
Noubou Tanaka, an executive director from the IEA, says that “OECD stocks are declining.” Not a lot of people are saving energy so the stocks for energy are going down instead of going up. I think people should save more energy, because if people save more energy, then our electric bills wouldn’t be so high, and we’ll be helping the environment.

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