Romans Revenge

January 25, 2011
By Mya True BRONZE, Southfield, Michigan
Mya True BRONZE, Southfield, Michigan
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Stage 3”. (Mario’s- house)

Mario- “Every time I look into your eyes, it seems like the first time I’ve ever met you”.

Ariel- “Dazzle me at dinner big boy! Nothing happens that a baby can’t make at our home”.

Mario- “Don’t threaten me with a good time! Mom will be waiting forever and babysitting for an extra hour”.

Ariel- “Let’s not make your mother wait, you now I’m already the least one on her list”.

Mario- “She’ll adjust sweetheart. She just has to realize she isn’t the only woman in my life. Our marriage outweighs her hatred for you. Trust me, we are not going anywhere.

(They kiss, and the both of them enter their living room, where Kate is waiting on the couch)

Kate- “Thank god! Finally the two of you are done sprawling over each other”!

Mario- “It’s our anniversary ma’, just be happy we didn’t make you wait longer”.

Kate- “The things I do for my dazzling son. Soon you’ll open your eyes and make your priorities straight and find a real woman of standards”.

Ariel- “Let’s not pretend like his WIFE, isn’t in the room. I believe he’s found a woman to his standards, Mrs. Jones”.

Kate- “It’s not pretending, it was ignoring”!

Mario- “Ok ladies, enough is enough. Come on babe, we’re going to be late for our reservations”.

Kate- “Yes, indeed! Don’t let me stop you”.

Mario- “Take care of Jeremiah, mom. The two of you be safe”.

Kate- “Of course, just make sure you leave the trash out where it belongs Mario”.

Mario- “Be nice”!

Ariel- “Come on baby, the stench in here is becoming unbearable”.

(Ariel and Mario exists the scene of his apartment, leaving Kate to babysit Jeremiah)

Kate- “Oh Mario, You might hate me for what I’m about to do, but that b**** has it coming and he’s no air of yours.

(Kate grabs her phone and makes a phone call)

Kate- “Yeah, the plan is on. I’ve given her a year to end things with my son, but she’s so damn selfish and obviously inconsiderate. If there’s a woman out here for Mario, it’s definitely not Ariel. Her not her orphan child has any place here. She’s wants to play hard ball, ill ruin her whole existence in living. Meet me in the basement as soon as possible. Leave no traces, and try not to be seen by anyone”.

(Waiting for Kate’s co-worker to arrive, Kate took upon herself to make a scene. She threw over furniture, and broke glasses).

(Kate phone rings)

Kate- “Yeah I’m coming down now with him”.

(Kate goes into Jeremiah’s room, and wakes him up)

Kate- “Jeremiah, wake up sleepy head”.

Jeremiah- “Grandma, is it morning”?

Kate- “No silly, your mother wants you to go to your uncle’s house for a night. Doesn’t that sound fun”?

Jeremiah- “Ok”!

Kate- “Let’s get your things together. Let’s see; you need a toothbrush, your pajamas, day clothes, and shoes”.

Jeremiah- “And x-man”.

Kate- “Yes, x-man too, but we have to hurry; we don’t want to keep your uncle waiting”.

(Kate phone rings)

Kate- “Here I come, don’t rush me”!

(Kate and Jeremiah go down to the basement)

Co worker- “Its about time”.

Kate- “Shut up, I had to make sure he was comfortable. Listen don’t harm a hair on his head. You keep him safe! This is strictly about Ariel”.

Co worker- “You know I’m not going to put anything into motion without your consent”.

Kate- “ok, take him to the lodge on just outside of town. Make sure he is not seen. When I go back upstairs I am going to call the police. By the time I get up there, hopefully you’ll be to France”

(Kate goes back into the apartment)


Kate- “First step down, next step to go”.

(Kate calls he police)

Kate- “My grandson has been kidnapped! They broke in and took everything, please come.
423666 Salem Drive. Hurry please!


The author's comments:
this is part of a screen play, of a soap orah i wrote called Romans Revenge

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