missing you

January 25, 2011
By eli.14 BRONZE, Mulberry, Florida
eli.14 BRONZE, Mulberry, Florida
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We had a great family,when you were still with us.You gave up so much, so that we had what you never received.Then just like that my whole life changed in a matter of seconds.You got some chest pains that kept getting worst,when the pain became too much you went to the clinic.They did some test and got the results you were diagnose with cancer.I did not understand at the moment.I saw you go from bad to good and good to bad.I saw you cry in pain and scream from the top of your lungs.You gave it your best and did not want to give up,but it just got worst.I did not want to let you go,I wanted to be selfish and keep you with me,but you do not always get what you want in your life.You told me that when something good leaves its because something better is yet to come.I do not want better, I want you!Daddy i miss you so much if only you knew.I lost you on December 25,2006,a day where we are to spend with the family.What kills me though is that I never got to say goodbye,I saw you on Christmas Eve but I wish I could have know I was not going to see you anymore.I would have told you how much you meant to me, how thankful I was to be your daughter and how much I appreciated all that you did for my family and me.You left behind six kids in need of there father,in need of our role model and inspiration.So much you have missed out on,if only you were here by our sides.I stay missing you dad,never will i forget that smile of yours,the look of your eyes,that deep strong voice,the strong warm hugs and the amazing love you had for my family and me.How could i ever forget something so special to me,just remember that I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU so much.

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