The drop03

January 25, 2011
By , Brandon, FL
Everybody is different in their own way like some people speak thier minds while others don't and well Ronnie was not afraid to speak what was on his mind and was open to everything. He was the perfect guy, well that's what everyone thought. He was tall and athletic with dark hair and played every sport. Every girl was in love with him and he knew that, which made him over confident. A couple months after school started, there was this new student named Kaia and she was different from the other girls, because she did not fall for his charms, looks and popularity. This is when Ronnie figured out he had to actually try to get what he wanted this time instead of it getting handed to him, which really irritated him. He tried his hardest to get her to like him, but nothing seemed to be working. So he gave up for a couple of weeks and tried again, but this time it worked. They went to a lake durning the night and just sat there together enoying the peaceful out doors not one of them said a word to each other for awhile. It started to get late so he dropped Kaia of at her house. Kaia was totally shocked that she had such a good time with him and was looking forward to seeing him again and Ronnie thought about the date the same way she did, but he never called back until four days later telling her that he did not like her anymore. A couple days after that at school Kaia went over to talk to Ronnie and found out the reason why he said that. She was not pleased at hearing his response so she completely ignored him. Months passed by and it was eating him up and tried talking to her, but she still would not forgive him for what he said to her. After that he started to change his ways, but not in a good way. He started to become a loner and stopped playinf sports. Everyone was shocked and did not understand what was wrong. Kaia was the only one that really knew and she felt kind of bad about it so she talked to him and forgave him. They went out and for the rest of the year and ended up getting married five years later.

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