Violence Essay

January 25, 2011
By Cody Barton BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Cody Barton BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I have a good friend (we’ll call him Jubilee) who punched a kid in the face. It all started with Jubilee’s friend calling him names. Jubilee’s friend (we’ll call the friend Ron) kept on bothering Jubilee the whole day and being a idiot and would not leave Jubilee alone. So by the end of the day Jubilee had enough. When Ron came up to Jubilee from behind, Jubilee turned around and stole on him above the eye. Ron deserved it and unfortunately Jubilee and Ron were both suspended. Violence is sometimes good but has big consequences.

Violence can be bad and sometimes good but everyone knows their is always a consequence. Except in UFC or fighting organizations. But every single day everyone sees violence. Wether it be someone fighting at a school or seeing it on TV or even on their video games they play. And as they see the violence, their is always someone who gets in trouble after the violence has ended. Like in school, a teacher or someone will always break it up and get someone in trouble.

When in the middle of a high school fight that is being filmed by another person and being uploaded onto Youtube. After the fight you ended up completely destroying the kid and you think it’s okay. And if one of your school teachers, parents, or cops find out you will be in big trouble. You’ll could possibly end up in juvenile hall, jail, or home arrest. And if that happens, depression can set in. Or if nobody finds out about it and you really hurt the kid you fought, you can feel really guilty. And depression and guilt can lead to suicide.

Their is a huge consequence for violence. Sometimes the violence can be good and deserved but mostly bad. The violence can start making the kid conflict with their parents and other kids. Also, the kid can start getting in trouble in school and his grades will start to be bad. The consequence of violence is to great to even consider doing it.

Their is many kinds of consequences of violence and their all bad. Like getting suspended for fighting. Or going to juvenile hall or prison. Or even suicide! Violence is sometimes good but has big consequences.

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