January 25, 2011
By Anonymous

She’s not a dessert, but she’s just as sweet.

Pets do more for us then just provide company. Statistics show that people who have an animal-friend of some sort live longer than those who don’t, and that people recover from illnesses faster when they know they have a furry companion waiting for them at home. So, I guess you could say that in some cases pets are kind like little guardian angels.
My furry angel is named Cookie. She is an ultra-precious Jack Russell Terrier with more spunk than anybody I’ve ever known. She’s two years old now, but she has energy that rivals a puppy’s. Despite her generally sugar-sweet temperament, there are two things that make Cookie blaze with anger: people having the audacity to knock on any door to our house, and our other dog (a large but surprisingly stupid Pit Bull mix), Winston, coming into my room.

Having only two things that spark a temper tantrum is a rather unusual thing for Jack Russell’s, because, despite their smallness and adorableness, they tend to take the phrase “easily irritated” to heart. Have another dog? It agitates the Jack Russell. Have a friend over? It makes the dog seethe with frustration. This may seem like an unusual way for a dog to behave, but in the case of the Jack Russell Terrier all those silly little quirks can be explained pretty simply: Jack Russell’s like to be the center of attention. When other dogs or friends or even kids become the center of the owner’s attention, it’s like handing a declaration of war to the terrier.

That declaration of war isn’t exclusive to people or other animals that steal what should be the terrier’s attention though. That present is also extended to the brave creature that makes the unwise decision to touch something that belongs to the Jack Russell. Now, the object in question can range from a favored toy to a preferred napping spot; the terriers don’t discriminate.

So, Jack Russell Terriers probably don’t seem like very ideal dogs right now. But for me, Cookie is the most perfect pet I could have wanted. Sure, she gets jealousy when my attention isn’t focused solely on her, and hates to share her things with our other pets, but the good qualities she possesses far outweigh the petty things that she does wrong. The way that Cookie tries to protect me by barking fiercely at any stranger who comes into our house (and I say “tries” because really she wouldn’t be that big of a help), or the way she seems to know when I’m frustrated or upset and then takes it upon herself to try to entice me into playing fetch with her warm my heart. Her loyalty, even for a dog, astounds me. She makes it her person mission to know where I am at all times, and follows me around the house to ensure that she has that knowledge. Cookie never ceases to amaze me. And while Cookie has certainly never helped me live a longer than average life or recover from a bleak illnesses, I have no doubt that she would if it came down to it.

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