All Men Equal

January 24, 2011
People have the idea that all men are equal in worth, no matter if they have white, brown, copper, or red skin. In this country we say that every man of every background has an equal say in how we do things. ‘All men are equal in America’ the saying says. The key word there is men. We say all men are of equal value, but what about the women?

When we read about history, even in this land, the history books rave about the hardships that the men of the time face. The historians say nothing about the hardships of the women of the time. They say it is hard for a man to go off and fight a war, and it is, but the books say nothing about the bravery it takes for a mother to let her baby go off and kill people. The history books say nothing about the love of the mother in placing her trust in her child, in trusting them to come home.
The great histories of this land say nothing about the strength of the women who fallowed their men out into the great unknown. The books say nothing about how hard the women had to be to survive the journey, much less the land when they got there. People of the time recognize the hardships, smarts, and bravery of men. Its as if we women are here just for cleaning the house.
One of the most influential changes in our American history was when women were recognized as individual people who were just as strong and smart and brave as their husbands.
We women brought new minds, and string personalities to the job field. We have shown the world that women can get things done just as well as men can, if not better. We women can be quite hard headed, and that can be a good or bad thing. Some women are wimps- it’s true- but so are some men. The important thing to remember here is that not all women are. We have big ideas, big dreams. We also have the smarts and the endurance to make it happen.
Americans now recognize the women in their world as individuals. They recognize that we women have smarts and bravery all their own. Today, we are free and equal, though not every one agrees… Some men are still convinced that women are just good for cleaning house. They are still stuck in the old ways, the way of thinking that women are inferior to men in brains as well as strength. The blacks were once called ‘inferior’, as were the Chinese, the Native Americans. You say we are inferior, and I say you are very lacking in the brains department…
Today some of the most influential scientists, doctors, lawyers, and other people of importance are women. So think about that the next time you tell a girl that she will never amount to anything, that she is only good for cleaning house. Remember guys, “Hell hath no furry like a woman’s scorn” –Author Unknown.

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