January 25, 2011
By , Savannah, GA
Abuse is a terrible thing. It goes on from day to day and many are showing blind eyes towards them. But do you ever wonder why the bully down the street corners you and beats you until he feels satisfied? Or even why the father at home beats his daughter because he had a bad day. Why do they tear down your self confidence? But knowing the reasons why the abuser abuses you is something different. What does through his mind when he does it? Why does he do it?

Abuse comes in many forms and for many reasons. When you hear the word abuse do you only think of physical? Physical is the one of many forms of abuse. But before I get into the types of abuse, we need to know what abuse is. The main definition of abuse is physical maltreatment. There are so many different forms of abuse. We all know there is physical, but there are also sexual, mental, neglect, emotionally, and verbally. But who is the abuser and why does he/she do it?

The abuser could be a father, a mother, sister, brother, grandparents, a holy man, or a healer. It is never the child’s fault that they are abused; they could just be in the wrong place at the wrong time or have the wrong parent. The abuser’s mind isn’t a cryptic place, for the most often simple reason why they abuse the person is for that they were abused themselves. The mind of a pedophile is a lot more mysterious then the mind of a physical abuser. The physical abuser would show remorse for that they have done while the pedo would show done.

The main reason the abuser is abusing you is for the main reason he was abused himself or herself. They may only know or may only want to continue the cycle, never breaking it. When it comes to sexual abuse the abuser could have been molested himself and wanting to continue they cycle they would molest the child himself or herself. The pedo would show no remorse in their actions, only satisfaction. And for the child during this all…the child will think they will be through hell. The abuser would strive to continue this cycle…

All in all abuse is a real thing. Most will turn a blind eye towards it. Most will ignore the symptoms. The markers of physical abuse are like bruises, but of course the meek personality. The mental symptoms are a bit harder, but are like the attention w****s who were neglected as a child. The w****s would kill, hurt, or refuse their child medical treatment so they could get attention themselves.

As I’ve said abuse is a real thing. The rate of abuse from birth to the age of three is 16.4%. It may not seem a lot, but it is. Abuse is real and it happens everyday. There are books written on it such as The Child Called It. But what it all boils down to is the cycles. A Bully is furthering the cycle of the abuse. Demeaning others to feel self confident. But know that there are alternatives, counseling can help you stop the cycle’s of abuse.

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