December 11, 2007
get out of the burning house. get out. run girl run. forget the past. forget the present. just get away. free yourself. you're a big girl now. you can do this. and no one can stop you. get away. i could move and you wouldn't notice till you wanted to get laid. just run away. don't stare at a blade. get out of that room. get out of that lifestyle. stop checking your phone. stop checking his myspace. you idiot. yes, hes been on it, but has he even noticed your not on his friends list anymore? no. no he hasn't. get over it. grow up and shut up. snap out of it. find your power animal and run with it. don't look away. it hurts like hell, but keep going. just keep going. for god sake. don't let go. no meditation is going to stop this. hes not going to give you any vinegar. so deal with the pain. embrace it. make it your own. use it. write. scream. sing. something. break down. then build again. without distruction there is no creation. i felt it harder than you. and i knew that i felt it harder. i threw out my favs into the pile. you didn't. you were smart. you kept a few for yourself. now you still have yourself. a piece of me is gone. and i'm not going to blame you. third time i've listened to this song on repete. everytime it hurts just as much. rubber band heart too i guess. i'll be okay. promise. i just need to break a little before i grow. same line is getting me. everytime. same line i stop breathing.

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maggiebar1 said...
Aug. 20, 2010 at 9:21 am
Oh my goodness I love this poem/every thought that runs through your head while you're trying very hard to get over a guy. I've been here before and I know what it feels like! Great expression and feeling
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