I hate when you...

December 10, 2007
By Molly Puzzo, East Hampton, CT

I hate it when you're mad, I hate it when you cry. I hate it when you scream and yell and I'm the reason why. I hate it when you hurt and when you look away, I hate it when you make me feel like dirt and there's nothing left to stay. I hate it when you kiss me, but I don't have a clue that you really hate me, away your love it flew. I hate it when you touch me and whisper in my ear-you tell me everything you think I want to hear. I hate it that I love you and dream about you at night, and that I never fall asleep once we've had a fight. I hate it when you look into my eyes, but you see further in, and when you know what's inside my mind, what lies within. I hate it when I love you and hate that you don't believe that you don't realize the truth, that our life isn't make-believe. I hate myself for lying, and bringing hurt to you, for reeling myself in, until I can't live without you. I hate everything you say, which contradicts the truth, that all our trust is gone, and all we say is crude. I hate that we can't smile or laugh as we did before, that I can feel your hatred to my very core. As I look deeper I recognize the truth, that we can never be together, that we won't make it through.
I hate that all I've said makes so much sense and that I understand, I offer repentence. So tell me that you hate me, I'll love you anway. I can't help but want you...every single day.

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