My Blessing

December 10, 2007
The Cold ari blows over my face. Although it nsows I freeze no more. My face is as hard as stone. I feel it as I swallow.; Howm uch more of this can I handle? this owrld is all I have to live for-- how can it do this to me? How can it throw me away like an old coffee cup, toss me aside as though I dont exist? my nearly lifeless body lays motionless on the cold hard ground, as the snow catches and clumps on my paper thing blanket. I want to scream but no sound comes out of my thin cracked lips. I want to cry but my eyes have no tears left. When I was a little girl, I remeber Christmas' full of presents and stories of little baby Jesus, sipping cocoa on my dad's lap. Now on this cold Christmas eve my body lay still, almost corpselike. My heart beats but my body ommits no heat My eyesight growns dim and the world around me fades away an everhting becomes black. I am surrounded by total darkness. I scream as I sit up in my bed and wake from the horrific nightmare i must return to everynight. I have come to fear sleep. It is my worst enemy. Just for now i must get up and continue my life. I turn on the shower and think how my life would be if someone hadnt come to my rescue that night. How I wouldn't be where I am today. I shudder and thank god for my life, what a blessing it really is.

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