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January 17, 2011
By hillary colby SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
hillary colby SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear School Board,
It is egregious to have a dress code at arrowhead school. Having a dress code Monday through Thursday would be unreasonable. Instead of making a new dress code, it would be easier to enforce the one we have now. Students are distraught when it comes to the matter of dress code.
It would be easier for you to construe the dress code we already have then to make a new one. The diversity of arrowhead is vastly different compare to other schools. With over 2,000 students enrolled at arrowhead high school, you can see a paucity of fashion from goth to preppy. That is what makes the students enjoy being here since they can express themselves freely through their clothing. We’d all look the same, and who wants that?
From a teenager’s perspective, this would make students acrimonious. Think about it, we are told what to do and where to go every day. And now we have to dress a certain way as well. Students will not enjoy, or tolerate this code and it would make our days miserable if we have to confine to another rule. It would be pernicious effect on the student’s attitude toward school.
Previous students did not have to deal with your duplicity and they had no problems with dress code. We are a public school who does not need to elicit more problems about simple matter when there are far greater problems.

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