Head's spinning

December 10, 2007
Head's spinning and everything flips and flops. I'm trying to think but the wires keep getting crossed. The simplest of words get twisted on the way through and every thought ends up a memory. I think and it all falls through, into the abyss. I'm swimming and I'm drowning but I can see the air above me. Everything flips and I can't breathe. Stay, wait, calm, air rushing through my lungs. Memories splash into everything and it's a cold slap to the face. Be bold or just cower, either way I won't bother. Stop, I can't do this. Grab me before I tumble. Everything stops and it's silent. Everything straightens out and thoughts can flow through my mind uninterrupted. Clarity for a second and everything's beautiful. Relaxation and I'm gone into that bliss I love. I'm safe, I'm ok, you can't hurt me, and you’re here. Be bold. You have all changed; you for the very worst and you for the very best. All these complications mean nothing and everything. I just want to lie down and let the waves crash over me. In the end it's all just a process. You’re apart of it too. I'm going to fall again because I won't learn my lesson. But then again, where do I always sit?

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LikeWoah<3 said...
Jul. 3, 2009 at 7:00 pm
Nice job! :)
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