November 18, 2007
Pain is inside and out of me,when i heard your voice i lit up,for i hadn't heard it in a while.We conversated about life,ours together,the one i dreame of and used to live.The one that keeps me with you,thoughts of us living that life over.But instead of happiness you should've brought,your voice had concern.My question seemed so vial,as you spat out words back at me.Sensing anger in your voice,a wave of sadness rushed over me as clouds of regret filled for i knew it was my actions that caused us to be like this.Mad at myself,i grew quiet,thinking about everything thats happened.Why were not the same anymore,how you've become so distant.I still remember the closeness we had,the one thing i claw at with agony to keep.Pain is inside and out of me,but i cant reach you,though i try with all my heart.

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