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January 17, 2011
By jiggly SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
jiggly SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This is a print ad for Amstel Light, an alcoholic beverage from the Amstel Brewing Company. The ad is targeting anyone who skis or snowboards, even children who are under the age of 21. It also targets people over 21 because there are many adults who love to ski and enjoy alcoholic beverages while skiing.
There is a cartoon drawing of a man skiing down a mountain. At the top there are the words “free skiing” in bolded black letters. Free skiing is spelled wrong. On the ad, there is no space between the two words and there should be. Free skiing is enticing to children in their teens because in those years they don’t have a lot of money but love to have fun and go skiing. The Amstel Light logo is on the right side of the drawing, faded into the background. Also at the bottom, the words “Amstel Light” are bolded in white letters with the logo between them. The ad doesn’t tell where there is free skiing or when free skiing will happen. It doesn’t tell that it could only be in a certain state or that it is limited to adults only. Also the ad doesn’t tell if they have to ski or if they can snowboard. At the very bottom of the ad, in small print, it says “go to for details on free skiing.” At the website it shows the viewer all of the products that The Amstel Brewing Company produces. The website is also very hard to navigate; it is hard to find what you are looking for.
This advertisement shows if you drink Amstel Light, you will be able to ski for free. The ad shows a man skiing down a mountain which means in the Rocky Mountain area and has the person wearing a ski racing jersey which means that the free skiing could be a free entrance to a ski race and not skiing for fun. This would tell people they can go skiing but they have to race and people want to ski for fun not race.
The ad also uses symbols. The person in the picture symbolizes a great time. But, it doesn’t have to be skiing. Skiing symbolizes wealth, arrogance, and risk takers. It uses bribery by enticing people to drink their beer by giving the public free skiing. It also uses timing by putting this ad in magazines just before it snows so people want to ski but can’t so when they can they will go.
The ad has a healthy message too because it tells people they should go outside during the winter. They should go out and ski and not sit inside even though it’s cold. The unhealthy message is that it wants people to drink beer which is an unhealthy alcoholic beverage which not only impairs the body and mind but also kills brain cells. For these reasons the Amstel Light free skiing ad is a bad ad.

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