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January 17, 2011
By CourtneyDeprez SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
CourtneyDeprez SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This is a print ad for Love Express perfume, which is made by the Express Company. This product was the first-ever fragrance for women from the Express Company. The perfume was inspired by Express style, fashion swank, and larger than life glamour. The company describes it as “glamorous, playful, iconic, and sexy.”

In the ad, it is indicated that the product is for women because towards the bottom it states “The new fragrance for women.” In the print ad there are three young white men and one young white woman in their upper 20’s. The fact that in the ad the people are all white, the ad is targeted towards white women. The woman in the ad looks like she is in her upper 20’s and so do the men. The perfume is targeted towards women between the ages of 16 to 35, because the perfume sells between $44.90 and $59.90. Women between the ages 16 and 35 would most likely have jobs to pay for the expensive perfume.

In the Love Express perfume ad, there is a young white woman pictured in a hot pink dress centered between three shirtless men. One of the three shirtless men has his hand placed on the women’s leg and he is looking up at her. Another man is placed very close to the woman and is smelling her neck. The third man is also smelling the woman, but isn’t as close to her as the others. A large bottle of the Love Express perfume bottle is featured in the bottom-right hand corner. Below it, “The new fragrance for women” is stated. The only other text is the Brand name, “EXPRESS”, and their website.

The reason the woman is wearing a hot pink dress is to stand out. She is also wearing bright-colored make up. This shows that the perfume will make you stand out in a crowd, because your eyes go straight to her. Also the three shirtless men that are touching the woman or smelling her, and are trying to get close to her, sensing that they want to be intimate with her.

A symbol of sexuality is being used to help persuade the reader. The symbol of sexuality is being portrayed by the three shirtless men around the woman. They are feeling her and are close to her sensing intimacy. This exploits women in a sexual way. Another symbol is the bright dress and bright make-up they symbolize standing out in a crowd, because the first thing you notice is the bright colors. Beautiful people are used in this ad. All of the people in the ad are in shape. The men are all shirtless showing their muscles and the tight pink dress is showing off the woman’s slim figure. Another tactic used is group dynamics. This is portrayed by the men around the young woman. Without the three men, the ad would just picture a woman standing and there would be no effect to the ad. But the three men bring the ad together.

The ad portrays a woman in a sexual way. This exploits women. The ad also portrays wealth, because the woman is wearing a wrist full of jewelry and has well manicured nails. She is also wearing a wealthy looking dress and has nicely groomed hair. There is no healthy message in this ad, besides the fact that all four people are in good shape. This could help reduce the amount of increasing obesity in America.

The ad fails to tell the reader how much the bottle of perfume costs. The approximate value of a 1.7 oz bottle is $44.90 and for a 3.4 oz bottle the price is listed at $59.90. Also the ingredients and scent of the perfume are not listed. There are notes of blackberry, lily, tiare blossoms, and sheer vanilla musk to the perfume. This perfume was released in 2010 as the first-ever fragrance for women by EXPRESS.

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