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January 17, 2011
Everyone remembers that one special teacher they had that has changed their perspective on school. Mine was my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Pierce. She was the one teacher who made learning fun. One of her favorite learning tactics was teaching her class bizarre songs that seemed to get stuck in your head. I can remember one now: every student in the class lounging peacefully in their seats, until…BAM, Mrs. Pierce starts the song “Indian Reservation”. There wasn’t a soul in the classroom that wasn’t jumping around, dancing on top of their chairs, or singing along to the native song. Mrs. Pierce knew the right ways to get students involved with learning. Like the way she taught vocabulary, it was always expressive and entertaining. I can still today remember the definitions vividly of some wordly wise words. Burly- muscular and heavily built, husky, and strong. And through out all the teaching she managed to make me feel valued and respected by her nurturing manner.

As I fill out college applications, with hopes of a major in education, I think about the qualities I have that will someday be remembered by my students. Ms. Deprez. If I will someday, be inspiring enough to change a students life.

When children receive their teacher assignment in the summer and see they have been placed in my class what words will they use? Ms. Deprez. Patient, fun, kind, hard-working, funny, energetic, and caring: the words I once spoke when I saw that I had Mrs. Pierce. I desire nothing more than for students to feel excited for the school year to start when they see me as their teacher.

The “good” teachers leave a legacy behind them. Some of the students they touch they’ll never know just how much. That’s who I want to be, Ms. Deprez, the teacher who never knows how many lives I’ve touched.

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