January 16, 2011
By Francisco BRONZE, Hailey, Idaho
Francisco BRONZE, Hailey, Idaho
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Have you seen nothing? We close our eyes and we say we see nothing, but we really see black. So if we see black, we see something. Well if we see nothing, then would we really be seeing it? I wonder how nothing looks like. It must be unique. Could it possibly be transparent? I wonder if it's right in front of my face. Nothing, you should possibly show yourself for I am curious on how you look like. Do you fly, lay on the ground, swim, or walk? Are you a person? What are you? I'm curious, curiouser than curious. I wonder. If we ever meet, how should I feel? Sad, happy, angry? Please tell me. Nothing, you must be something. Are you simple or complex? Are you friendly or cruel? Shall i see you when i die? I'm sorry if i have many questions; I'm just simply curiouser than curious. I wonder, wonder if Nothing is a secret agent or something. Why do you hide yourself? I'm starting to feel like your a coward. Nothing, your something like waldo, except we always find Waldo. Do you show yourself in dreams or nightmares? I once had a dream about a nightmare; it had something to do with strings; I don't remember. Nothing, if i discover you, would i become famous? Famous for finding Nothing. Would you let me trade you for money? Actually, I think Nothing is more valuable than money. Do you like Jokes? I have a joke for you. -"Knock! Knock!" "Who's there?" "Nothing"____________Nothing why couldn't it be that simple. Will you please just open the door. This is confusing. But dont you think everything is confusing? it's all just one big question. Nothing i believe thats what you are; you're a question but with out the mark. Why the hell am I talking to Nothing!? Nothing I have to tell you something. I feel like my mind is too big for my head. All my thoughts are clausterphobic. I feel like a troll and plato. Nothing, i believe i can taste and hear colors. is there something simply wrong with me? Are you and something friends or enemies? I wonder. Do you have answers to my questions? Are you like a god and should i revere you? Do you know why when i look at the ground it moves like jelly or when i look at walls they drool? The movements of the world is like one of those books that you flip through and the pictures move; there's these slight pauses between the movements. Are you the pause? I'm looking outside my window; The sky looks big today. I think i just saw the universe age. Nothing, why is the the paper staring at me? It's looking right into my soul. His countenance is very negative. I feel some tension. It's silent. Are you as akward as the silence. Him and I arent good friends. He is too quiet. Am i as curious as the cat? You know i have a theory. Curiousity never killed the cat because a cat has nin lives. I have another theory. If the world were upside down it would be easier to get to heaven. Nothing, I managed to get inside my head. I look around and i see Nothing but insanity. Am i insane? Nothing, are you this insanity? Am i really going insane over Nothing? I once had a friend who went insane over nothing. He was a deaf composer. Do you like stories? I once heard a story about a spoon. I dont remember it though. Am i mad like the Hatter? I guess Lewis Caroll should have made a character out of me. Right now I feel like im over there by the couch but im actually right here by the desk. I think im in my second self. The cold is floor. Nothing, im sorry if this doesnt make sence. It just simply feels like time is meaningless now. Why is everything warped? Nothing do you like music? I'm listening to music right now. Music is playing with my mind. Please excuse my moment of madness. Nothing, why am i electrically melting into my chair? My room seems to be breathing. Has it eaten me? It's quite interesting in here. I can here 3D. Isimply feel the sound. The tatse on my tounge has its own vocabulary.The sound has emancipated itself out of my skin. Nothing, can you please talk back to me. I want to see what you say. Nothing you are so hieroglyphic. If i looked for you, would you be on the other side of the mirror? Show yourself! I think the moon is having adverse gravitational effects on my thoughts. Someone should shut my window; My ceiling is going to blow away. I need a fresh of breathe air. Well i shall now say goodbye to you Nothing for it is late, and it is time to rest. You know, sometimes i feel like sleeping is more tiring than being awake. But anyway, thank you for giving me this thought. A thought about nothing.
By Francisco Molina

The author's comments:
If you see some grammar errors and spelling errors, know that it was intentionally written like that.

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