Just Another Dream

January 15, 2011
I waited on the fringe of my very existence. I waited for him. I wanted for him to sneak up behind me and take my breath away, but I knew how unlikely that sounded in my head. My head said to quit, give up while my heart was still in one piece. But the hope whispered it would work out. I didn't trust either, but neither helped. If he held me I would want more, if he didn't hug me I'd wonder if he knew I existed. It was all the same to everyone else. Hug him, then him, one after another. Get a boyfriend and dump him, make up, dump him, and then date his best friend. How complicated this tiny corner of the world gets, the damp life of a high schooler. It drives me to the point of insanity, and what I've only been a freshman for a semester? I wonder if things get better as life goes on or worse...

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