Advocacy Letter

January 14, 2011
Dear Mike Mueller,

I was a friend of Benjamin Henning, the 17-year-old who died on Wednesday, September 22nd of this year. I understand that the intersection, Perennial Terrance and Lake Five Road, where the accident took place is dangerous. I am writing to you to advocate turning that two way stop at the intersection into a four way stop.

On September 22, Ben Henning was heading home from hanging out with some of his friends in Hartland. He was traveling north bound on Lake Five Road when a car, going south bound, took a left turn on to Perennial Terrance. Due to a blind spot created by a hill, neither of them saw each other—Ben ran into the side of the vehicle and presumably died on impart at 8:57 pm. Even though speed appeared to be a factor, if traffic signs were in place on both the north and south bound on Lake Five Road, this accident might have been avoided. During interviews about I saw on the news about this accident, multiple people said that they had to look for people and count to three before they went. After three seconds all they had was luck. I know you can’t exactly remove blind spots from a road—stop signs in all directions will get rid of any doubt in people leaving or turning on to Perennial Terrance. Stop signs are cheap to employ, and effective with both controlling dangerous intersections. Employing stop signs will also put the family’s mind at ease that their son’s death was not in vein.

Currently there are no stop signs in place for the north and south bound directions on Lake Five Road, but by you placing stop signs in that intersection, you will give peace of mind. Only you can make people take out the guessing. You can make the road a safer place to drive for everyone.

If you would wish to contact me, my address is above. My email address is ********* Thank you for allowing me to supply my opinion and for being committed to the safety of the roads in the Town of Lisbon.


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