Are The Little Things That Big?

January 14, 2011
By Knathan Eldridge BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Knathan Eldridge BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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When I was younger and wanted everything given to me on a silver platter I always used one technique to obtain what I wanted. I complained! I know your all thinking that it's natal human nature to complain but in all reality it isn’t. I complained that my homework was too hard, I complained that the school days where to long, I complained that everything was unfair if I didn't like it. But then one day when I was about 5 I guess that my dad had enough and he told me the most useful information that I believe all kids should here. THAT’S LIFE! And life is never fair. Simple two words right? But in all honesty how many of us actually listen to those two words and actually take it to heart.

I mean to me it is up there with my top 5 vexes that we humans have. It is like we never feel that we have enough so then we complain about that. Then we go off and get what we wanted and then we complain that we have to much material objects that we could really do without. And really it's not just with the material objects that we crave, wish for, and dream about. It also happens with even smaller things like how somebody is using your pencil or somebody ate your cookie. Get over it!! Santa never cried over spilled milk or got frustrated when you ate some of his cookies!

To me I think it is more of the parents fault. If they just told there kid straight out whenever he or she wanted something, “No" then this whole epidemic spreading across the world would stop dead in its tracks and be as jolly as old saint nick. And know I know that you’re all wondering but whenever my parents said that I always cried and said that it wasn't fair. But remember what my father once said to me?

See if our youth is exposed to this traumatizing realization then we would not have to put up with the crying, the yelling, and the constant whimpering of our youth.

According to yahoo answers about 4 out of every 5 persons in the world complain about random different topics including: immigrants, fireworks being too loud, people talking too loud on their cell phone, etc. But really all of these can be solved with a simple division or rather just walking away from the problem at hand. All in all I think we just need to grow up and stop fussing over the little simple things in life, because personally I am sick of it!

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