Girls Shouldnt Get All the Work

January 13, 2011
By Sydney Fleischman BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
Sydney Fleischman BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
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Imagine a girl on her hands and knees asking for a boys hand in marriage?
Weird right?

Should girls ask guys out?
My answer is no. Guys have been asking girls out forever, it’s a tradition, and taking away or even ruining a tradition will anger many people. What if someone were to take away summer vacation? That would anger many students, including me, so of course ruining the tradition of guys asking girls out, would cause a lot of stress and anger for girls.
Girls already have enough pressure with keeping up with grades, making sure they stay in style, trying to stay away from drama, keeping up with after school activities, and trying VERY hard to impress boys. Sweet, sensitive, sophisticated girls don’t need any more pressure than they already have.
During class I surveyed the girls in my language arts class and as a result 14 out of 15 girls said that they would never ask a boy out. I am of course one of the 14.
I feel that if I had to ask a boy out I would be nervous, uncomfortable, and definitely embarrassed. What if he said no? I would lose all hope, and never want to talk to that boy again.
Boys think we have it easy, but come on boys asking a girl out is not that hard, we will appreciate the courage and determination you gave us.

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