Steve the camel

January 12, 2011
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There once was a camel named Steven. Steve was weak; no people could ride on him. This embarrassed him; all of his friends could carry people around. He always got made fun of.

Steve wished he was buff like all of the camels. It was his main goal in life. Every night at 11:11 he wished to be strong. Finally his wish was coming true. The local gym just opened, “Drama buff.” Steve was so excited to go to the gym! He convinced his parents to get a membership. His parents were against it at first because it was so expensive, but Steve promised to do the dishes for a month.

Every day after school he went to the gym. He did camel curls, hump ups, and much much more. Steve was getting strong, very strong. All the girls liked him and his big muscles. One day this super fly camel chick walked into the gym. Steve fell in love at first site. He couldn’t believe it; he had to know her name.

He found out her name was Malika & she had a boyfriend. So Steve had to give up on her. After about a month at the gym Steve’s muscles were HUGE. He felt ready to give people a ride. So one Thursday afternoon it was time. His owner took him for a ride and Steve did great! He was the strongest camel out of all of them. Steve was put in many camel shows & won many awards. All of the trainers wanted him & all of the ladies adored him.

Steve got his wish, & was very strong. He just had to work at it instead of just wishing it would happen.

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