Call of Duty Black Ops

January 12, 2011
By Rip5minor BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
Rip5minor BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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A new game came out 2 months ago called Call of Duty Black Ops. In the first day, over 200 people prestiged. The game had over 2,800,000 people on the first day. The game added a lot more than Modern Warfare 2 by a lot.
There are different types of guns and grenades. There are submachine, light machine, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Some weapons are better than others, same thing for grenades. Also, there is something called equipment that you can use in game. For example, there is a “camera spike” where you put a camera down somewhere and it replaces the radar with what the camera is seeing. Also there are special grenades such as nova gas, concussion gas, and more. Another special type of equipment is called a tomahawk which you throw and people and kills them with.
Next is perks, which are enhancements to your custom class. You can only have three perks on each class are they’re different perks for different slots. There are also kill streaks, which are rewards when you get a certain amount of kills. For weapons there are attachments you can put on your weapon, such as a scope, extra ammo, flamethrower, etc. My favorite is called the “RC car”, which you can drive around and blow people up with.
Next is Nazi Zombies, which is a game type you and friends can play together and kill zombies. There are different maps for different map packs. In Nazi Zombies, there is different passage ways and something called a “Mystery Box”, which is a box that moves around the map and it gives you a random weapon. Zombies can drop certain power-ups such as max ammunition, a nuke, and more.
If you put an attachment on your weapon and it says “red dot sight”, you can change the dot to something else if you want. You can also change the color of the reticule too.
When you first start the game, you receive a player card for your account. In the player card, you can change your title, emblem, and more. Since the game just came out 2 months ago, they only released 8 maps to play on until they release map packs like Modern Warfare 2 did. Each map pack gives you 3-5 maps usually.
The game also broke a new world record for selling the most copies of the game, which was 323,000,000 copies of Call of Duty Black Ops.

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