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January 13, 2011
Love is tough!!!!

One day Brandon decided to ask out Mary at our school, but the thing was that Brandon had a girlfriend already. Neither of these girls knew that they were going out with him at the same time. The heartless player, unfaithful and monstrous, decided to let it keep going on for a year but then one of the girls found out about the other and was completely heartbroken. Mary, a deprived teen, tried to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and start on a new leaf.

In the past years I’ve been hurt by guys who have wanted something better, but if you think about it; us girls are mostly the same. We love, then love some more, we grow to know the person we love, and then we hate them for what they did to us. Even though he never saw what he had because he was to busy trying to find someone better we still loved him after everything!!!

Guys say “oh well she will move on, she will find someone better.” Come on guys what is going on in your brains!?!?! Guys never know how bad the damage he has put on her heart; girls hearts aren’t a toy to be won over. He meant the world to her and he left her alone heartbroken. Guys brains seem to have a hole where air gets in because all they care about is getting the girl that everyone wants, but if you really think about it why you would want a girl that everyone wants?!?! Why do guys not chose the pretty girls in the corner doing their work like oringal people do. Wait maybe that’s because all guys care about is girls looks!! Why don’t guys go for girls that have a great personality and that are actually ladies because I know some girls that act all cool but seriously it won’t matter if you were cool in high school or what shoes you wore it matters about choosing the right girl!!

98.9% of girls get their hearts broken by a heartless player that she fell in love with, the other 2.5% haven’t or don’t know if it’s true to love or not and are unwilling to find out for sure. I bet that everyday all over the world a girl who doesn’t know what he is and who he hurt will go out with the same guy thinking he is the best thing she can get but it’s all a lie. Heartbreaks to a girl are so much like a tragic accident; all it is made of is dangerous honestly that isn’t restless or sweet.

Finding the right guy is like dropping a rose petal down in the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo. We ask “do we look like toys?’ “Yes we do” remarked Sam; “your right we are” said Ashlee. A lot of girls in today’s society are put under the impression that they are worthless and that they don’t deserve something amazing but seriously girl’s come on stop believing the fools that broke your heart in the first place and take a stand.

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