As I stand there in the cold

November 15, 2007
As I stand there in the cold, the wind blowing against my face, my hands in my jacket pockets, I stand there with a lost and confused look in my eyes. The air feels weary, like it's lost somthing, I can't tell what it is but, I can feel it. I can't tell what it is but I can feel it. It's a weird feeling, somthing I don't like feeling. I can't explain it but, it's there, i know its there. I want to hide, I want to run away, I want to go somewhere where I don't feel this way. Can I please leave? Will these feelings of insecurity and lostness ever go away? Hello?? Is anyone listening? Anyone? I think im going to leave now. I have to leave this place. I want to start over, start over in a new place. Where I feel safe, where I feel happy. I think im leaving now. I will see you later. Hopefully.

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