Lifes so hard

November 14, 2007
Lifes so hard but I can't complain lately things haven't been the same
but I refuse to play the blame game.Be careful who you pick and choose because you can go confused.I walk through the halls of Theodore Roosevelt thinking that if those walls could talk they would be screaming.I see the light now-a-days, and thats exactly why I got straight a's and I most certainly want to graduate.In this hell house it could be pretty damn hard to learn with all the loud people, the fights, the beefs, the gangs,and the troublemakers, it's always my concern.I have to look out for me, I can't let it be me no not like It use to be ,back in the days I had hard times too.I use to fight,I use to stare,I just didn't care,but now I know that oneday I'll be grown someday and the world will see me all around the world,and TV,and the only one that can stop me is me, until then I thank you all for listening........

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