January 10, 2011
By , Park City, UT
Violence is an everyday occurrence that everyone has to deal with in their lives. You can be all shades of color and any level of intelligence and you will still be picked on. This happens everyday and people don’t even think about it. We don’t think about how the person feels when you pick on them. Lots of people are followers and they think they will fit in if they tease the person everyone else is teasing. The truth is, your making the person feel worse and making them angry or sad.

Violence, should we really be worried? The answer to that question is yes. Many people are exposed to violence every day. It can be serious like domestic violence or just being harassed at school or something concerning your race. Some types of violence are more drastic than others, but the effect is still the same. Peoples feelings get hurt or worse, they are physically hurt in some way.

Everyone at one point has been exposed to a type of violence, a very common one is bullying. Almost everyone in the world has been bullied at one time in their life, it is just how severely they have been bullied. It can range from a simple name calling to a type of harassment. Cyber bullying is a terrible thing, in many cases the victim has taken their own life. Bullying gets put off as a “child like” thing, but in truth it is and can be very serious.

Violence starts with one little thing and then it just snowballs into something bigger. Usually when one person is experiencing a type of violence they start using it themselves. It just goes from one person to the other. Before you know you’ve got everybody being violent. This leads to wars and separations between people, when they should be standing together.

Violence is a terrible thing and we need to try to abolish it. Hopefully people can learn to live with each other an settle their differences. Maybe then we can all get along and live in this world together peacefully. Together we can do anything.

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