Behind the White Picket Fence

January 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Americans tend to think of dairy farms as white picket fences, firehouse red barns, spotless cows, bright yellow straw, and trimmed grass. When a Google images search was run on “farm“, this is exactly what popped up. What people don’t tend to think of are the hardships that come with farming. Like having to stop a family farm because of the economy, diseases, or high prices. These things are real life problems that farmers face everyday. Since Pennsylvania is the state with the most dependency on dairy farming, we see this the most. The average consumer expects milk to be on the table, but doesn’t worry about how it got there. Don’t get it wrong-there are wonderful and miraculous things that go on in a farm, like witnessing a new creature entering the world. There are pros and cons to dairy farming, but in the end, you farm because you love it.

Dairy farms all over are facing troubles. Many farms are teetering on the brink of financial ruin and more than often, you hear of family owned and operated farm having to shut down because of different things concerning the economy. The amount the farmer gets for their milk has to go for feed, labor, insurance, etc. and there is small pay for them. Another problem farms face are diseases like mastitis. One of the biggest problems today, though, is the high cost of feed. This is because thirty-eight percent of U.S. corn crop is used for ethanol. One way to help dairy farmers would be to promote dairy products produced in the United States to your friends and family.

Dairy farming is also amazing and miraculous. How many times do you think the average Joe can help bring a new creature into the world? Farmers do this every few months or even weeks. Also, in the summer when you plant an entire field out of tiny little kernels and end up with stalks over your head. Farmers also have the advantage

of drinking their own milk and not buying it, and eating their own crops. You can save money, and eat great food!

Farmers have a hard life, but they all do it because they love farming. There are problems and challenges behind that white picket fence, but there are also miracles and joys. A country song once said, “The survivors are farmers in John Deere hats”. This is the hard-core truth.

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