January 9, 2011
By Shryr BRONZE, Rwalpindi, Other
Shryr BRONZE, Rwalpindi, Other
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Beggary has a vast circle in third world countries like Pakistan where it has evolved from a profession to an industry. All those who beg are not needy. The helpless and jobless people in our country seek refuge in begging. Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have strictly forbidden beggary and there are many Hadiths regarding beggary, one of which is that, "All the beggars will be raised up on the Day of Judgment with black-spots on their foreheads."

Poverty is a great curse for our people and leads to begging. The reasons behind begging are several which in one way or the other all originate from poverty or financial instability. The literate and the skillful ones have tremendous difficulties interposed in their way of finding employment so how can an illiterate and poor expect to get some job. The easiest solution these people find to this trauma is begging. But, many among these beggars are those who are physically fit and capable of physical labour if not for any other job. They find it an easy way to earn livelihood because this is not hard-earned money whereas Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) have liked the hard earners the most.

Some uneducated people who earn the right way get distracted noticing the fact that begging is an easy profession and does not require much effort to be put in, thus, adopting it as a profession for themselves. Secondly, our moral values have deteriorated over the time, and we have either learned or inherited the quality of not working hard and finding shortcuts in everything we do.

Moreover, begging has passed down as a profession from one generation to the next and is so common that it is not considered anything bad and immoral in our society.

What we can do to eradicate beggary is to educate our fellows citizens and tell them about the harms of begging in this world and hereafter. We should encourage them to do some practical work which can lead them to self sufficiency, self confidence and to the realisation of their hidden talents and skills which can be made use of to earn a respectful livelihood rather than accepting the disgrace of begging. Government can play its role by running vocational training and skill development institutes. Providing the people with all fundamental human rights and the necessities of life can also help cure this disease of beggary.

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